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About ST

Sasquatch Turds Production Run
The origins of clay seed balls or seed bombing is an idea that has been spreading rapidly as a way to make an environmental impact with minimal labor input.  
Sasquatch Turds, as a concept was germinated in 2016 in Conifer, Colorado, right on the edge Sasquatch territory. 
While working in the renewable energy industry, I began looking for other ways to create a positive effect that more people could engage in.  I started making seed balls as gifts for friends and family. Seeing the warm welcome, I thought it would be a nice gesture to give them as gifts to my solar customers.  It grew from there.  
I got into solar to participate in change and I wanted to be a part of an industry that produces, rather than consumes.  Renewable energy answers a portion of energy challenge but it's not going to solve other environmental issues we are facing.  Pollinators are disappearing, drought and wild fires are increasing, top soil is degrading and rivers are becoming full of sediment.
Sasquatch Turds provides a low tech, low cost option where anyone can participate in change.
Together, we can re-green the earth one deuce at a time.

-Seth Tanis