About ST

Seth Tanis, worked in the ski/bike industry for 10 years and has worked in the renewable energy industry since 2010.  Seth has worked with several companies performing installs around the front range specializing in off-grid and grid-tie battery back-up systems.    

While working in the renewable energy industry, Seth began looking for other ways to create positive environmental impacts with fewer barriers to entry and were more inclusive to a larger group of people. 

In 2016 Seth started up Sasquatch Turds clay seed bombs as gifts for friends and family.  Seeing the warm welcome, the seed bombs became thank you gifts to his solar customers.  The hilarious part was that after building a $50k off-grid power plant that runs their house from the sun, people's minds were getting blown with a bag of dirt clods. 

Getting into renewable energy to participate in change, solar answers a portion of the energy challenges we face, but it's not going to solve other environmental issues.  We are seeing pollinators disappearing, drought and wild fires sterilizing the landscapes, top soil is degrading and rivers are becoming full of sediment. 

Sasquatch Turds provides a low tech, low cost option where anyone can participate in change.  Join us.

Sasquatch Turds Production Run