What Is a Butterfly Garden and How Do You Go About Creating One?

Conrad M

butterfly wildflower mix

If you never heard of butterfly gardening, you’re definitely missing out. Creating a butterfly garden is essentially the process of planting the right nectar rich butterfly wildflower mix plants and tweaking an area to support the growth of a thriving habitat for various species of butterflies.

There are many exciting reasons to create a butterfly garden. From helping the environment and reducing habitat fragmentation for a variety of species of butterflies, to gaining a new recreational activity or hobby that will not only keep you busy but also reduce the impact of problems like stress and depression, butterfly gardening can really do a lot for you, your family and the ecosystem of the planet.

A lot of research has to be done when planning a butterfly garden, so be prepared! While species like the painted lady can choose between 200 different species of plants to eat as caterpillars, monarch butterflies only consume plants that belong to a single genus; so you have to be thoroughly informed before you start planting – not to mention the process of learning all about the specifics of planting different types of plants, some of which might not even be native to your local area.

Although challenging, the process of creating a butterfly garden can be extremely rewarding and enriching to the soul, as butterflies are some of the most beautiful and precious creatures on Earth.

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