What Are Seed Bombs?

Connor McPherson

Seed bombs, also called seed balls, are great horticultural products consisting of clay, compost and a combination of seeds, all rolled into small balls.

Seed bombs are available in garden stores and other, specialized shops, but you can also make yours at home – here are the features, uses and benefits of these small balls that you should know about:

  • Clay seed balls are great for planting flowers in difficult to access areas – you can attach them to your wall, you can throw them into a corner of your garden where there isn’t much growing now;
  • Seed bombs are more efficient than simply spreading your seeds on the soil – seeds are usually so small and lightweight that even the lightest breeze can blow them away, what’s more, they are considered to be dessert by birds, so if you choose the throwing method, you are likely to lose a considerable amount of your seeds. Seed bombs, on the other hand, are compact balls that are not blown away that easily and that are not eaten by animals either;
  • Wide variety – seed bombs come in many seed varieties, from flower mixes and herbs to vegetables and other edible crops. You can choose balls that have a single seed variety or you can choose balls in which mixes have been planted.

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