The Differences Between Perennial and Annual Plants

Connor McPherson

Whether you are looking at your garden or at the inventory of a garden store, you will find two major types of garden plants: perennial and annual. Here are the most important differences between the two:

  • The features of perennial plants – perennial plants are the ones that can live for three, five or even more years (more precisely, for multiple growing seasons). Most perennials, such as tulips, bloom in spring, while others, including lilies, flower in fall. Many perennial plant varieties grow from bulbs that need to be removed from the soil at the end of their blooming season and should be kept in a cool, dry place until the following year when they are planted again; There are also many perennial wildflower mix seed balls that can easily be planted as well.
  • Annual plants – these varieties live for only one year. Most of them bring flowers very soon after they are planted and they are used to add a bright and delicate spot of color to flower beds. Most annual plants have a relatively long blooming period, but when the flowers are gone, they don’t live for too long. All you need to do when your annual plants lose their flowers is to remove the plants to make room for new ones, suitable for the season you are in and for the terrain and soil conditions.

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