Here Are the Best Tips to Follow If You Want to Attract Bees

Conrad M

Are you looking to plant a beautiful garden and attract beneficial bees that will pollinate your flowers?

best wildflower mix for bees

The following tips will help you do precisely that, and make your busy little visiting bees happy:

  • Use several types and colors of flowers. Diversity is very important when it comes to attracting bees. If they don’t like one flower, they might go for the other one.
  • Make sure to use plants that are local to your area. This is an essential tip, since bees are often discouraged from visiting flowers that don’t smell or look familiar. Research shows that these plants are also more likely to adapt well to the conditions in your garden and bloom more easily, leading to a greater number of flowers for bees to visit. Look for the best wildflower mix for bees at plant seed experts Sasquatch Turds.
  • Avoid the use of pesticides. They can harm the beneficial bees that want to visit your garden, and also discourage them from coming.
  • Plant a diversity of plants and flowers that bloom in each season. That way you can ensure that you don’t just get bees, but various other pollinating insects.
  • Plant your garden where bees are most likely to visit. Make sure you choose a sunny spot where you’re likely to get the most sunshine, but that is also sheltered from stronger winds.

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