Flower Gardening for Beginners – How to Get Started with Your First Garden

Conrad M

From establishing a plant calendar to doing research on the various plants you want to grow and their specific needs, there are a lot of important requirements for getting started with gardening. Even as a beginner, doing your research is the most important thing, and you’ll find that if you follow a few simple tips regarding what you have to learn, you can plant a happy and healthy garden right from the start:

  • Before doing anything else, learn about your area, its specific climate, and the plants that are native to it. Also, make sure you find out as much as possible about the type of soil you’ll need as well as about compost and fertilizer that you might have to add.
  • Find out which plants and flowers are easiest to tend to, and learn as much as you can about them and their growth process – from seed to maturity. Think about using a colorful bulk wildflower mix of seeds for a beautiful and  easy to tend to garden.

bulk wildflower mix

  • Read up about the species of beneficial insects and bees that you’ll have to attract. Instead of using pesticides, you’ll find that a natural garden can be built and maintained by insects that eat unwanted pests and help enhance and protect your garden instead of harming it.
  • Know the right time to plant each herb, flower or vegetable that you want to add to your garden. Also, keep in mind that a diverse and plentiful garden should have plants that bloom in every season, so plan your plant calendar accordingly.

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