Benefits of Gardening with Native Flowers

Connor McPherson

Native plants are often recommended as ideal for gardening because they are adapted to the area where they come from. They evolved there, before people started to bring plants from other corners of the world to grow and cultivate. That is why they have become part of the ecosystem.

Why should you grow native wildflower mix plants?

Native plants are suitable even for beginners because they require less work and resources. Since they have spent centuries adapting to local conditions, they will not need much additional water, fertilizer or mulching. Native plants are rarely invasive because they have natural predators that keep them under control. On the other hand, local wildlife, birds and insects have a close relation with the native plants, which provide them with food and shelter.

Finally, it must be said that native plants can be really beautiful, even if we often overlook them in favor of the new "stars" appeared on the market. The more you choose native plants, the higher the success rate of your garden.

If you are not sure whether a certain plant is native or not, contact local associations of gardeners. They should be able to offer or direct you to a list of native wildflower mix originating in your area. Always buy native plants from a reliable source. This will also help protecting endangered species that are harvested illegally in the wild and ensure that you get the desired plant, not a fake.

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