Seed Bombs Make Great Gifts for Guerilla Gardeners

Conrad M

are related to the relatively new concept of "guerilla gardening" or “seed bombing”.   This is a growing trend of rogue, dissident gardeners undertaking subversive gardening activities.  Squads of gardeners, flash mob a section of abandoned land or parking strips in urban environments to plant flowers or start a community garden.  Armed with shovels and rakes, the guerillas transform an empty lot into a green space, full of flowers.  Seed bombing is a “no work, no till” method of gardening.  Dirt clods embedded with wildflower seeds are essentially “self-planting” ammunition and simply require chucking them on the ground to get the job done.  If someone were to partake in such activities, it would be prudent to use native wildflower blends to ensure responsible propagation of native wildflowers.    

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