Gardening with Native Wildflowers

Conrad M

Native plants are often recommended for gardening and landscaping because over the millennia, have naturally are adapted to their climate and will require less direct input.  A benefit to planting native wildflowers and other indigenous species is that more often, they will  require less direct input from us as gardeners.  In a typical native environment, a native wildflower will require less direct input form you as the gardener. 


A benefit to planting regional native wildflowers is that it will often attract and thrive due to a symbiotic relationship with native pollinators.  When it comes to pollinators, we are accustomed to thinking “honey bees”, which ironically are not Native to North America.  Within the world of bees, there are thousands of other species that often get overlooked. 


To find out more:

“Our Native Bees: North America’s Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them by Paige Embry”   

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