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Re-green the earth one deuce at a time!

Laugh, first.  Think about it, second.  

Clay seed bombs are a simple way to re-green the earth.  With minimal effort, you can plant a garden, control erosion, build soil and renew the land.  Seed bombs are made from clay, compost and native blends of wildflower seeds.

Regional Native Wildflowers

These mixtures were developed for specific areas of the United States and Canada.  They are composed of annual and perennial wildflowers that are native to the region and when available, are from seed sourced from that region to insure maximum adaptability.  Use these mixes for projects where 100 percent native species are required or preferred.  Please note that each planting rate per acre is shown as a range.  Use the higher planting rate for maximum color, when adequate soil preparation or weed control is not possible and/or there is no existing vegetation present.  The lower planting rate is suitable for broadcast seeding as an accent or if there is existing vegetation present.  If you are unsure of what you are going for, don't over think it, just get some seeds out there and add more another day.  




Conifer, Colorado 


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Want To Know More?

What are seed bombs?

  • Seed Bombs are clay wildflower seed balls. They are a simple way to plant native wildflowers in your yard or at your business. At Sasquatch Turds, we like to call them ‘turds’. Our native wildflower mixes are specifically formulated for the regions in the continental U.S. You can easily plant wildflowers in a garden, on a hill to control erosion or wherever you want to throw these seed bombs.
  • Our unique seed balls are effective for building soil and making it easy for each of us to renew the land. We produce our seed balls for each region with native wildflower blends designed to grow in the area that you live. We combine the native blends of wildflower seeds with clay and compost. The result is that you can easily grow wildflowers for your region and your particular location. For example, if you have a very shady area you can select a shade wildflower mix. If you live in Colorado, where we product our wildflower Sasquatch Turds, you can select native Colorado wildflowers in your mix.How do you plant them?
  • The great thing about seed balls is that all you have to do is chuck them wherever you want native wildflowers to grow! What is chucking? To chuck is to throw (something) carelessly or casually. So, you can take your seed balls created with perennial wildflower mix and chuck them wherever you want to see beautiful wildflowers grow. It is the easiest way to plant perennial wildflowers!
  • When you are planting our unique wildflower mix, you do the same thing, regardless of the type of flowers you are planting. You throw your shade wildflower mix in the shade and you plant your butterfly wildflower mix, wildflower mix for bees and hummingbird wildflower mix wherever you want to attract pollinators

What kind of clay do you use?

  • Natural red clay that is air floated to remove chunks and pebbles, No chemical hardeners, coloring additives or extra ingredients.  Just plain clay.
  • We do frequent production runs of our clay seed turds so that our wildflower seed mix is fresh!

What compost do you use?

  • The compost comes out of Denver metro's green waste-stream, sourced as close to home as possible in order to close the nutrient loop and minimize the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.  
  • When we use the best compost, along with our natural clay, we create the best seed balls for planting native wildflowers. In addition to making it easy to plant perennial wildflower mixes, the compost and clay makes it easy to plant pollinator wildflower mix as well.
  • Whether you are planting in the Northwest, Northeast or focusing on a Rocky Mountain wildflower mix, you will find that we create the best wildflower mix seed balls with compost and clay that work all over the country.

What are seed bombs used for?

  • Seed bombs are used as a low work, low embodied energy solution to plant flowers and in the big picture, stabilize eroding soil, create habitat and food sources for pollinators. 
  • Seed balls, a.k.a. Sasquatch Turds are basically self-planting products. The germination rate from seed balls is greater than what happens when loose or bulk wildflower seeds are planted.
  • The clay absorbs moisture; the compost provides nutrients and the seeds already know what they need to do.  Over time the seed balls will dissolve into the ground, hedging the odds of germination against rodents, birds and weather.  After that it is business as usual for the plants, you just get them on the ground, and they'll grow.
  • Sasquatch Turds are used to easily plant wildflower and meadow mixes on your land. Our native flower species are friendly as a hummingbird flow mix, wildflower mix for bees and butterflies. Basically, our seeds are pollinator wildflower mixes.

Do they work?

  • Yes.
  • Seed bombs take care of themselves! The clay makes them self-plant. You will get a higher germination rate than broadcasting with loose bulk wildflower seeds. 
  • For seeds to germinate, they need optimum conditions.  Water, nutrients and sunlight.  Clay is a binder that holds the dirt clods together, allows for further chucking.  Clay also makes the seeds much less appealing to rodents and birds.  
  • See our customer project gallery (insert link)
  • Clay seed balls are much easier to plant than bulk wildflower mix. You don’t need to do anything after you have chucked the turds. When you plant seeds (which we do sell) from a bulk wildflower mix formulated for your area, you will need to water and care for the flowers. The clay seed balls take the work out of the process.

How do you make seed bombs?

  • It has proven difficult to get a wild Sasquatch to shit into a small paper bag, therefore we created our own methods.  Sasquatch Turds Clay Seed Bombs are made through a sophisticated, scientifically engineered process of combining clay, compost and seeds, evenly mixed into a large batch.  Once the proprietary formula has been tested, just enough water is added to make it all sick together.  The mix is molded and measured to perfection, it is then rotated counterclockwise, twice, and cured for 237 minutes.  The finished product is a dirt clod that strongly resembles feces.  All product is packaged with classical music playing in the background to guarantee the happiness of the seeds.  No Sasquatch are harmed in the process.

Are seed balls effective?

  • Absolutely.  See our customer project gallery (insert link)